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Computer Gigs and Jobs

Here is what I'm looking for (or something like it because I know we don't always get what we want). I am a brand strategist, Web and UI designer looking for my yin to my yang. I dislike coding, pretty simple. I understand the basics but lack the pa [...]

We need to hire a part time person to sell vintage auto parts online. We are one of the largest vintage car dealerships in the country and have accumulated more parts than we can handle. Wanting to hire someone part time to sell these for us. The com [...]

We are seeking people to complete a 60-minute usability test via an online meeting tool. A member of the Design Research team will show you a digital prototype and then ask you to test several features and provide your feedback. The session will be [...]

We are a funded tech startup looking to hire a Social Media Manager with experience in PR. This person will be responsible for our social media campaigns, press releases, develop our image online and other PR related activities. Please be prepared to [...]

Help us launch products on amazon! We need a few people that have active amazon accounts that can leave reviews for our products. You do not need to buy the item in order to leave the review. All reviews must be at least 50 words or longer and are re [...]

We're Offering Anyone With A Facebook Account A Chance To Make The Easiest $500 They've Ever Made. All You Need Is A Real Active Facebook And A Home Computer Or Laptop Connected To The Internet. Once You Send Us Your Full Name, Email Address And Zip [...]

We're Offering Anyone With A Facebook Account A Chance To Make The Easiest $500 They've Ever Made. All You Need Is A Real Active Facebook And A Home Computer Or Laptop Connected To The Internet. Once You Send Us Your Full Name, Email Address And Zip [...]

We are currently looking to add 5 experienced closer's to find customers. Closer's with previous experienced are preferred, however we do provide training for closing and on ow solar works. Hourly vs Commission No cold calls Highly motivated and s [...]

Interested in getting started in the Marketing Industry? We have a position available for you! We are looking for dedicated individuals who can help us with our marketing campaigns. Hours are minimal and experience is not needed. This is perfect for [...]

Earning Exact Amount For Your Working Per Hour - $15/Survey Have fun & get paid for doing surveys Choose one or as many surveys that you can complete when you have some extra time in your day. To get started now visit : [...]

Hello, My Sony FS700 sd card slot is broken and I have footage on the FMU I need to get off. When I plug the camera into the computer the camera shows it connected to the computer but nothing pops up on the computer. The FMU is stuck in the computer [...]

Work from your laptop or phone Copy and paste the ads Respond to inquiries Get paid via Paypal INSTANTLY Send out the email Earn $25-$50 for that email Simple extra income!

***$175 paid to be in Focus Group in Denver January 21 & 22*** Hello! We are needing people from the Denver area ages 20-45 to take part in a Focus Group about eating out preferences of people in your area. We will pay you $175 for your time! We are [...]

We are a Denver-based start-up looking for a website developer and IT guru to become a partner with us on a new business venture. They should have a love for music and be able to build a website from the ground up (i.e. conceptual, site map, wire fra [...]

_We regard your suggestions as being effective and valuable. _We pay for Each survey that you do. _No experience is needed. _We monitor your individual progress and provide developmental support if needed. _You must have a desktop or tablet with [...]

We need more new people quickly. More work is available to be done than we have people. All we need you to do is follow our video instructions to get started with us this week.

Earn $80hr or more!! F/T P/T -- Get Paid Daily! No Experience Necessary. . . Complete Training Program In Place.. Make your own hour's. Start Today!! More Info Copy and Paste:

We have Full Time and Part Time positions for those that will work from home or your office locations. Must be driven, motivated for success and a quick learner. We will train you using our dedicated training site, mentoring programs and lead trackin [...]

Test a new social media platform, no experience needed! Very similar to current popular social media platforms Earn by posting, blogging, sharing, selling, bidding, and buying Earn $20 simply for signing up and verifying your account! www.empowr. [...]

I have an idea for a product I wish to manufacture, I have a domain, and no fund's just yet! So if you have the time, the skills, and the ambition, I will give you 1% of the company which has not even been registered yet for a website. Also needed a [...]

Want to earn more in a day. Want to earn from online. Want to earn from home. Do you have few free hours in a day? Are you ready to start work right now. Want to get paid right now. Find us on here,open a account and do survey http://instantmo [...]

*-*Earn $160 cash by participating in our 30 minute on-site research Study.*-* This in-person study includes: *1- A brief health survey *2- Height, weight, body measurements *3- A series of blood pressure measurements -There are no invasive proc [...]

I have a concept I'd like to prototype and I'm being intentionally vague about what it is. :) The application will be 100% Python and will include integrations with GSuite (formerly Google Docs) and Google Maps. Looking for a programmer that can wo [...]

Looking to fill a few potential spots on a team for upcoming project! Job Purpose: Prepares engineering plans by drawing system, components, and parts. * Will train accordingly Duties: *AutoCad 2016 * Prepares rough sketches by studying enginee [...]