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New Post 5/5/2011 4:49 PM
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SEO Math 

Its fairly well known that you can see the search traffic thats likely to be generated from a keyword combination by going to either the adwords keyword tool ( or the bing keyword research tool (, log in, tools->Keyword Research).

Both tools will pull up stats on the searches per month for a given set of keywords.  Whats interesting about the bing keyword tool is that it also brings up click through rates.  Now with this information you can go ahead and estimate the amount of traffic you are likely to see on a daily basis based on ranking well for that set of keywords.

So the formula would be:

((Searches per month) / 30 ) * Click Through Rate

Now the click through rate seems to vary between 0.1% and 4%, with about 2% seeming to be average.  Its strange how much 2% shows up as an average in click through rates with regards to SEO.

Extrapolating this, you need to have 1500 monthly searches to equate to one unique visitor per day...

So to see big traffic you have to be ranking for ones above 1500 monthly searches.


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  Forum  Discussions  General  SEO Math
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