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New Post 8/20/2010 7:59 AM
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How Google is making us dumber 

I added some music to my collection, and to my dismay when I opened up my Zune software it pegged the CPU to 100%.  I thought it may be a temporary thing whilst it worked through the additions to the music library, but when it was still pegged at 100% 24 hours later with no disk activity I had to figure out what was wrong.

I looked at the folder with Windows explorer, and it had the same problem - when looking at the folder Windows explorer would also peg the CPU to 100%.  Both executables needed to be manually killed to remove the high CPU usage.

So I start to google, but do not find an exact fit for the answer I am looking for.  I try various things that are suggested, to no avail.

Then it hits me - my first reaction was to google an answer, when it should have been to look at the evidence and try to find a fix based on that...

So going back to what I know I try the following:

1.  Look at the Event Logs - this is NT troubleshooting 101, but unfortunately in this case it does not help me as there are no entries in the log related to either zune.exe or explorer.exe.

2.  I look at the process stack for Zune.exe using Process Explorer from SysInternals ( - this shows me that one of the threads for updating metadata in zune.exe is hanging.

3.  I look at the open file handles using Handle from SysInternals ( - this shows me a wealth of information.  I narrow this down by using handle -p zune.exe and find out that it has an open handle on one specific file in the music collection.

So with this I kill off the zune.exe process, go to the music collection and delete the file that Handle had shown open.

On restarting Zune my high CPU usage is gone.

Moral of the story - don't always make google your first answer to a technical problem...


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  Forum  Discussions  General  How Google is making us dumber
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