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New Post 11/15/2010 11:45 AM
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URGENT daniel of bluebrain foundation in 

Hello Daniel,

Saw your posting on craiglist needing directors. Also saw you removed it this morning, so it was hard to try and find you.

Was hoping to help you, director or not. I am setting up non-profit now, so am fully informed what is needed paperwork-wise, with IRS, state of Ca, etc.

Unfortunately you have a problem with the name of your nonprofit - I hope you did not already file this name with state of CA already. The problem is using the word "foundation". This is a totally different corporate entity in the eyes of the IRS compared to a charitable public benefit corp, which is what you want them to recognize you as. I am now in process of doing the applications to IRS and CA state for the exemptions (501(c)3). This issue of the use of "foundation" is SO important to you whether you will be designated 501(c)3or not. This means, THIS WILL AFFECT WHETHER YOU CAN GET A TAX DEDUCTION FROM DONATING TO YOUR NONPROFIT.

You can email me at

I should have written down your phone number from your craigslist posting last night. Oh well.

You can also call the cell 619-602-2538.

What you are creating is very good, very important, and it needs to be recognized by IRS correctly.

Good luck.

Deb Obo

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  Forum  Discussions  General  URGENT daniel of bluebrain foundation in
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