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  Forum  Open Source Tec...  MySQL Server  Installing MySQL 5.1.36 on Windows Server
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New Post 7/31/2009 3:10 PM
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Installing MySQL 5.1.36 on Windows Server 
Modified By Walker  on 9/24/2009 4:29:09 PM)

If you use the .MSI installer for MySQL 5.1.36, on the vast majority of todays hardware the installation will fail.  It will tell you that it 'prematurely ended'.  This is due to the fact that for some reason the installer does not work with hyperthreading or multiple processors.

The only way to install 5.1.36 is to use the zip file download and do the following:

  1. Extract the contents of the zip file to where you want MySQL to live in the filesystem.  Typically this is c:\mysql, but it can be anywhere - C:\Program Files\mysql is also popular.
  2. Edit the permissions on the directory where you have extracted the files to give 'Local Service' full control.
  3. Navigate to where you extracted the files and copy one of the mysql.ini files to C:\Windows.  There are four different files based on the memory usage you want.  Rename the file in C:\Windows to 'mysql.ini'.
  4. Open up mysql.ini for editing and make sure that the following is set in the [mysqld] section:
    basedir=c:\mysql (or whereever you extracted the files to)
    datadir=c:\mysql\data (or whereever you will be keeping the datafiles)
  5. Open up a command prompt and navigate using 'cd' to the bin directory under the directory where you extracted the files to.  So if you extracted the files to c:\mysql then you would open the command prompt and type 'cd c:\mysql\bin'.
  6. In the command prompt type 'mysqld.exe --install MySQL --defaults-file=c:\windows\my.ini --local-service'.
  7. This should create the MySQL service.
  8. Type 'net start MySQL' and MySQL should start.
  9. Now you need to set the root password - it is currently blank.
  10. At the command prompt type 'mysqladmin -u root password 'realpassword' ' where you replace 'realpassword' with the password you want to set.
  11. Install is complete.

Youtube Video can be found here.

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  Forum  Open Source Tec...  MySQL Server  Installing MySQL 5.1.36 on Windows Server
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