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New Post 9/1/2010 5:31 PM
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Exchange 2003 Enabling a disabled user account to receive mail 

By default when you disable a user account in active directory, email sent to it in Exchange 2003 will be rejected.

It is standard practice to disable a persons Active Directory user account when they leave a company.  It is also standard practice that their email gets forwarded to someone else.  This leaves you with a bit of an issue if you run an Exchange 2003 server.

To fix the issue, go to the disabled user account in Active Directory Users and Computers and in the mailbox rights (under Exchange Advanced), find SELF and enable 'Associated External Account'.

Thats it, you will now be able to send mail to the mailbox of the disabled user account.


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  Forum  Microsoft Tech ...  Exchange Server  Exchange 2003 Enabling a disabled user account to receive mail
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