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  Forum  Microsoft Tech ...  Windows Server ...  Solving Windows Update Errors on Windows Server 2008
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New Post 6/24/2011 4:37 PM
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Solving Windows Update Errors on Windows Server 2008 

Windows Server 2008 can sometimes suffer from errors on Windows update.  These usually come about from leaving the updates for a long period of time before installation.

What happens is some of the updates will fail to install and you may not be able to use server manager to examine the roles installed (it will throw an error).

If it does this then the first thing you should do is go to the Microsoft download site ( and search for KB947821.  Download the correct version for your version of Windows Server and run it.  This is non trivial in size (about 170M), and repairs issues it finds with the Windows update database.

If that does not work, then do the following:

1.  Open up a command prompt
2.  Type 'net stop wuauserv'
3.  Type 'net stop bits'
4.  Delete the contents of the Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder
5.  Type 'net start bits'
6.  Type 'net start wuauserv'
7.  Click Try Again on the Windows Updates screen

Finally, if you are having problems with just one or two individual updates, then try noting down the KB numbers associated with them and downloading them manually from the microsoft download center.  I have had to do this for some updates.


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  Forum  Microsoft Tech ...  Windows Server ...  Solving Windows Update Errors on Windows Server 2008
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