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New Post 5/5/2011 4:10 PM
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Practical powershell to iterate over a folder of spreadsheets 

I was given a task of taking a folder full of spreadsheets recently and amalgamating the information contained in them into a summary sheet.  Now there were a few thousand spreadsheets, so doing it by hand would have been somewhat time consuming.

There were only a couple of variations on the sheets as to where the data we needed was held.  It was either in cell F2 or cell F3, split across four sheets.

I came up with the following powershell script to open the sheets, extract the data and push it out into a CSV file:

$xl = new-object -com Excel.Application                   #open excel
write 'CompanyName, Apps, Tech, NatApps, NatTech' > _coupons.csv      #write headers
foreach ( $wbk in ( ls *.xls | where {$_.LastWriteTime -gt '12/31/2007'} ) )  #just do files from 2008 onwards
$$wbk,2,$true) | out-null               #drop the object info output
$sht1f2 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(1).Cells.Item(2,6).Value()  #Sheet 1 F2 - Apps
$sht1f3 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(1).Cells.Item(3,6).Value()  #Sheet 1 F3
$sht2f2 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(2).Cells.Item(2,6).Value()  #Sheet 2 F2 - Tech
$sht2f3 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(2).Cells.Item(3,6).Value()  #Sheet 2 F3
$sht3f2 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(3).Cells.Item(2,6).Value()  #Sheet 3 F2 - Nat Apps
$sht3f3 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(3).Cells.Item(3,6).Value()  #Sheet 3 F3
$sht4f2 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(4).Cells.Item(2,6).Value()  #Sheet 4 F2 - Nat tech
$sht4f3 = $xl.Worksheets.Item(4).Cells.Item(3,6).Value()  #Sheet 4 F3
$sht1totl = $sht1f2 + $sht1f3                             #Total Sheet 1
if ($sht1totl -eq $null) {$sht1totl = 0}
$sht2totl = $sht2f2 + $sht2f3                  #Total Sheet 2
if ($sht2totl -eq $null) {$sht2totl = 0}
$sht3totl = $sht3f2 + $sht3f3                  #Total Sheet 3
if ($sht3totl -eq $null) {$sht3totl = 0}
$sht4totl = $sht4f2 + $sht4f3                  #Total Sheet 4
if ($sht4totl -eq $null) {$sht4totl = 0}
$out = ''                                                 #start with blank output
$out = $wbk.Name.TrimEnd('.xls')                          #output company name,
$out = $out -Replace(",","_")                  #Remove commas
$out = $out + ',' + $sht1totl + ',' + $sht2totl + ','     #output apps and tech
$out = $out + $sht3totl + ',' + $sht4totl                 #output natapps and nattech
write $out >> _coupons.csv                                #write line
$xl.Workbooks.Close()                                    #close sheet without prompt for save

Turned out to be a surprisingly short piece of code for what it did.


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  Forum  Microsoft Tech ...  Windows Server ...  Practical powershell to iterate over a folder of spreadsheets
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