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So you have passed all of the exams and you are now out in the real world of windows servers, linux servers and freebsd servers faced with a tech support problem you have never seen before...

Find free online tech support in the forums below, respecting that advice is free, but work beyond advice is not...

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  Forum  Microsoft Tech ...  Windows Server ...  Patching WinShock
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New Post 11/12/2014 7:48 AM
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Patching WinShock 

 Winshock is bad - worse than Heartbleed.  Your server can be remotely owned using a specially crafted packet with no mitigating factors.

The best answer is of coure to be up to date on your patches with Windows Update.  But what if you are woefully behind on patches on an internet facing box ?

Then go here :

And manually download and apply the correct patch for your version of Windows.

And then catch up with patching that box!


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  Forum  Microsoft Tech ...  Windows Server ...  Patching WinShock
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